When You Should Consider 2D Laser Cutting

Laser cutters are CNC machines that use a cutting head with a laser mounted on a gantry to cut large sheets of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Though 2D lasers won’t work for all projects, anything flat or two-dimensional is ideal for this type of technology. Often 2D laser cutting is the first step in a process, as we can quickly cut complex shapes that later get stamped or go through a brake press to finish off the product.

We strive to drive costs out of our manufacturing processes which in turn allows us to provide superior products at more competitive prices to our customers.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting with Leading-Edge Technology

2D laser cutting in Wisconsin

At ATACO, we’ve invested in three state-of-the-art 2D fiber optic laser cutting machines. With up to 6 kilowatts of power, these laser cutters can process thicker materials and sheets as large as 79” (2010mm) x 161” (4100mm).  We utilize specific “parts nesting” software which optimizes material utilization by maximizing the number of parts made from a sheet of metal. As a result, we decrease waste while also reducing costs.

In addition to increasing material utilization, we have an automated load and unload system which reduces the time required for material exchanging. Parts and all scrap metal are automatically discarded to clear off the machine and start processing a new sheet for improved efficiency. Our state-of-the-art fiber optic laser system is fast, accurate, efficient and fully automated to run lights out 24/7 to deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.

Fiber Laser Materials & Assist Gas Options

With both nitrogen and oxygen assist gases, we’ll choose the gas that best targets the specific characteristics you want during the process:

Oxygen is an accelerant which requires less energy and makes for a quick process to cut up to one inch. Oxygen will react with the material cut out and produces an oxide on the edge that may require removal for paint adhesion.

Nitrogen, an inert gas, allows us to cut up to .25″, with no oxidation around the edges, so there is no additional process needed if the part needs to be painted. With either option, we remove all debris generated to ensure consistency in the cutting process.

The CY laser delivers the highest quality while cutting metals that are difficult for a more traditional laser, including:

Our fiber optic laser system has the capability of cutting carbon steel up to 1″ thick and stainless steel up to .75″. ATACO also has a TRUMPF 5030 12kW laser which achieves excellent feed rates and cutting speeds with a high degree of automation.

ATACO Handles Any Size Flat Sheet Laser Cutting Job

Laser cutting lends itself to both low and high-volume projects. We regularly cut a few parts for a specific project you may have, to thousands of parts on a regular basis. “No one part lends itself better for us to cut, in particular,” says Joel Janssen, an engineering expert at ATACO. “We are able to target products and higher tolerances on material thicknesses that other companies may not be comfortable taking on.”

CY industrial fiber laser cutting machine providing sheet metal laser cutting services near Milwaukee

No Tooling Costs with 2D Laser Cutting

Whereas stamping requires new tooling for every part and prototype iteration, there are no expensive tooling costs with laser cutting. Design modifications are as simple as changing the CAD/CAM files, and our CNC laser cutter takes care of the rest. This allows us to deliver fast turnarounds on your complex shapes with less development time.

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At ATACO, we welcome 2D laser cutting challenges and come through with exceptional precision and quick turnaround. Our success depends on your complete satisfaction, which is why we use CY fiber lasers to deliver the greatest ROI on sheet metal laser cutting projects.

With corporate headquarters in Cedarburg (near Milwaukee), ATACO provides sheet metal laser cutting to customers across Wisconsin and nationwide. Learn more about our metal laser cutting services, or get in touch to request a quote for your project.

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