Fabricated Assemblies

At ATACO Steel Products, we’re more than just custom steel fabricators. We offer a variety of support services to turn your custom fabricated parts and components into complete or near-complete assemblies and subassemblies, saving you valuable time and money in your overall production process.

Complete, Start-to-Finish Service

ATACO’s comprehensive services enable us to produce high quality, close tolerance assemblies that meet your unique requirements. We offer:

Unlike many other steel fabricators, we provide and/or oversee these processes ourselves to ensure they meet our high standards of quality. Your assemblies and subassemblies will never be passed off to a random third-party vendor, nor will they be approved or shipped without passing QC tests.

Additionally, as leading custom steel fabricators, we have a skilled engineering team and in-house tool and die shop to ensure that the assemblies you receive match your design specifications exactly. ATACO engineers use sheet metal forming simulation software to analyze part and process feasibility, resulting in greater efficiency and ROI.

Request a quote on the custom fabricated assemblies you need, or contact ATACO to learn more.

Fabricated assemblies
Fabricated components and assemblies in Wisconsin