Custom CNC Machining

ATACO Steel Products offers custom CNC machining services for both product parts and weldments. As a contract CNC machining service, we use numerous vertical CNC milling machines, CNC turning centers and other advanced equipment to produce components and assemblies that match your exact design requirements.

CNC Prototyping & Design Development

Our CNC machining capabilities give you the opportunity to prototype and modify your products, quickly and easily, to achieve ideal fit, form, and function. This ensures proper precision prior to full production, helping us provide defect-free parts and on-time deliveries.

We also provide technical support to help you optimize your designs for better manufacturability and cost-effective production. We can turn nearly any part design, no matter how complex, into the high quality, tight tolerance product you need.

Continuous Investment for Continued Success

CNC machining technologies are constantly evolving. To stay at the forefront of fabrication technology, ATACO continually updates and upgrades our CNC milling and CNC laser cutting equipment. This allows us to provide you with the industry’s best, most comprehensive CNC machining services.

Our latest CNC machine addition, the Ganesh Cyclone 52, is an 8-axis twin-spindle twin-turret CNC mill/turn lathe with Y-axis and 12-foot automatic bar feeder. Capabilities include:

  • Estimate and program offline using existing computer simulation software
  • 2-inch bar capacity
  • 6,000 RPM integral main and sub-spindles
  • True Y-axis on upper turret
  • C-axis on main and sub-spindle
  • Dual 16-station live tool turrets (for 32 tool stations)
  • Turret-mounted steady rest
  • 1000 PSI coolant through turrets
  • Automated parts catcher
  • Balanced cut synchronization for pinch turning/pinch threading
  • Cut gear teeth
  • Gear hobbing of spines (both spur and helical)

Watch the video on the right to see the Ganesh Cyclone 52 in action, and find our full equipment list here.

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ATACO Steel Products is headquartered in Cedarburg, Wisconsin (near MIlwaukee), providing high-value CNC machining services to manufacturers across the state and nationwide.

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