ATACO Enhances Design and Manufacturability Capabilities and Drastically Shortens Time to Production

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ATACO Steel Products, an industry leading contract deep draw and stamping manufacturer, enhances design and manufacturability capabilities and drastically shortens time to production with leading edge metal forming software acquisition.

ATACO has added state of the art production simulation software to its existing pre-production planning and design process. The software, a high-end simulation tool, is in limited use in the industry. In addition to the technical benefits it is designed to provide when used in conjunction with expert engineering and die-making inputs, the software can eliminate weeks and often months from the commonly used trial and error method tool and die makers have used to develop dies that produce parts with the desired shape and physical characteristics.

The software enables users to quickly evaluate complex, deep draw part and process feasibility. It is capable of determining blank shape and spring back for sheet metal parts and identifies formability problems such as wrinkles or cracks. This makes it possible for knowledgeable engineers to implement design changes earlier in the product life cycle, saving time and money.

In its newly implemented process, ATACO engineers run FASTFORM® Advanced to assess formability risks and optimize material usage prior to releasing data to tooling. The software is used to evaluate component and tool geometry, account for material properties, and incorporate the possible effects of production characteristics that result from friction, binder, addendum, blank holder force, pad pressure, draw-beads, and tailor-welded blanks.

The ability to predetermine the feasibility of producing a part as a deep draw is essential to ATACO’s ability to offer short times to production along with superior structural and cosmetic characteristics.

ATACO Steel Products Corporation is a privately-owned metal components manufacturer with corporate headquarters in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Its skills lie in the manufacture of complicated products such as deep draws, unusual shapes, and close tolerance components, along with comprehensive metal fabrication services, provided to meet unique customer needs in a broad variety of industries.